ZYM dance style Brand Story

ZYM dance style has its origin back in March 2013, when the professional dancer Mona Zheng (Zheng Yumeng) hung up her dance shoes and started her own business by creating practice garments for ballroom dancers.

  • Her vision and design concept was and still is to underline the unique personality of each dancer, creating simple and yet stylish designs with the perfect combination of fashion and functionality. The styles are inspired by the dancer's passion, creativity and lifestyle, which helps the expression of every character on the dance floor.

  • Just within a few years' time, ZYM dance style fires up dance rooms all over the world and is worn by many world-class dancers of all ages.

  • ZYM dance style's core belief is that through dance we have the power to change lives.


  • ZYM dance style is not just fashion, it's a lifestyle!

ZYM Studio

Downtown Guangzhou

Guangzhou Panodesi Garment Design Co., Ltd

Production line